High Definition, Full Screen Virtual Tours of your property!
     New: Now including iPad/mobile versions!

What you get:

  • A full set of still photos to keep.
  • As many virtual tour views as it takes to cover the property and amenities.
  • A personalized page for use outside of MLS. (example)
  • An iPad/mobile device version.
  • Prompt appointments.
  • No contract. Just cancel if your listing sells or is no longer in MLS.

Regular Pricing: The cost of the virtual tours is $100 for photography and setup, plus $35 per month, billed quarterly on a credit or debit card. And no contract. I will do virtual tours of all of your rooms. No limit. I will include all rooms plus larger bathrooms and a view or deck if you have that. Basically whatever it takes to show your property as best it can be shown. I will also include a full set of still photos of your property. I promise that I always make appointments as soon as possible - and I keep them.

The tours are hosted on my website, and I give you the link that you can use in any of your marketing The still photos will be emailed to you and are yours to keep.

Still Photos

If you only want still photos, the cost is $200 for as many photos as it takes to cover your property thoroughly.

My goal is to provide the highest quality virtual tours and photography available at a price that is extremely affordable and cost effective. Please contact me for pricing options.

Please contact me if you have any questions!

Rich Shipley





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